Bothwell Marketing Creative Services

Strategic Marketing Planning

Every organization must take the time to plan for the future. Indeed, successful planning should envision that future, and devise the strategy and tactics to make it a reality. Within the setting of a busy law firm that can be difficult to orchestrate. Planning often becomes solely budget oriented with actual business development left to individual lawyers to execute. Our job typically involves helping a management group focus on the goals and challenges facing the firm and fashioning the strategies and tactics that best leverage the firm's strengths and opportunities.

Our role is to lead clients step by step through the strategic marketing planning process. After helping our clients identify goals, we work on building a roadmap to reach them. By the end of the planning process, we will have formulated a comprehensive strategy for growing their business, together with an implementation plan that will produce concrete results.

Knowledge is power. At Bothwell Marketing, market research is an integral part of the planning process. We conduct client satisfaction surveys, study the competition, test brand recognition, and analyze market trends. By developing better information about an organization's business environment, we provide a basis on which to build future marketing programs and give clients a significant competitive edge. Whether undertaking a firm-wide plan, a project that is practice group or industry based, or working on the development of a specific office, we are keenly aware that our efforts must focus on producing results. In addition, the initiative must be supported internally. We work closely with clients to help achieve internal consensus - a critical factor in the eventual success of any carefully designed plan.