Bothwell Marketing Creative Services

Branding & Identity

At Bothwell Marketing, we help clients become more visible to target audiences. Our group of award winning design and production professionals strives to create a unique image for each client, one that will give them a competitive edge in their market.

Advertising Campaigns
Our advertising campaigns create strong brand identity for our clients. Bothwell Marketing is a multiple "ADDY" award winner, as well as a frequent recipient of “Your Honor” awards from LMA (Legal Marketing Association) and other professional organizations for advertising and brand creative.  In addition, our advertising campaigns consistently score highly in reader surveys.  We provide full advertising agency support, including the purchase and management of advertising contracts and placement.

When designing an integrated branding campaign we assist with strategy formulation, concept development, design and layout, copy writing and editing, media buys and production.  We believe each client has unique strengths and characteristics that can be emphasized and leveraged to produce a strong branding message.  In each of our branding campaigns, we focus on differentiating our clients from the competition, while conveying a sense of the personality and culture of the organization.

Identity & Promotional Programs
Our creative team produces a wide spectrum of print and web-based communications materials for our clients, including complete identity programs that encompass logo development, stationery, brochures, and a variety of print collateral materials.  We leverage our print and website design capabilities to produce integrated promotional branding and identity programs that enable firms to reach their audience in a variety of ways, while maintaining a cohesive visual message.