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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hundreds of millions of Google searches are performed each day.

Considering the volume, Google does a fantastic job delivering query results that are relevant and useful.  However, according to studies, the majority of websites have not been programmed to result in the best possible rankings with search engines.  That suggests that many of the searches for legal services are not finding the firm that’s the best fit – could that be your firm that’s missing out?

For example, a recent search for “Texas real estate law firm” produced 923,000 “results” from Google. These results are listed on approximately 92,000 screen pages.  In reality, a person doing a search will look through the first two or three screens, and no further.  Getting placement on those early screens is critical.  If you get on those early results pages, you better have a website that looks as good as, or better, than the competitors who are sharing that space.   

So, how do you climb the search engine rankings?  
We have helped clients by doing the following:

  • Conduct website analytics to find quick fixes—i.e. broken links, HTML errors, missing Meta Tag information
  • Create key messages within website content to match search criteria most commonly used by prospects
  • Link in and out to respected websites
  • Create and implement an SEO plan with benchmark data
  • Register new content with search engines through content management systems
  • Develop integrated Internet marketing that leverages your website

Creating the most useful titles, descriptions, keywords, image alt tags and other beneficial Meta Tags, as well as search oriented content, typically produces a significant return in search rankings.  Content management systems can also assist in the process.

Bothwell Marketing clients who use the Content Builder content management system can add new Meta Tags every time new content is added.  Content Builder allows clients to update websites without external assistance to keep content and SEO up-to-the-minute current.

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