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How to Build Effective E-mail Campaigns

Catching the attention of busy people begins with compelling language and visually appealing design. For recipients with image settings “turned off” in e-mail programs, headlines need to succinctly speak to the benefits of the message while interesting visuals spur the recipient to read further.  Our e-mail campaign design services include custom templates as well as advice and guidance with regard to content and key messages.  We maintain consistency with existing design standards and produce a professional on-line extension of the brand.  E-mailers also include click-throughs to the firm’s website as well as easy to find contact information.  When integrated with our Content Builder system e-mailers can also enhance SEO results.

Qualified Mailing List
The most important element of an e-mail campaign is the audience who will receive it.  We have helped many clients improve the quality and size of their contacts data base.  For example some time should be spent reviewing current e-mail addresses and researching sources for new contacts.  Here are some of the places to find them:
•    Individual Outlook Folders
•    Attendee Lists from Seminars and Conferences
•    Membership Directories from Industry & Trade Associates
•    Alumni Associations
•    Holiday Card Lists
•    List Brokers

Tracking the Results
We provide clients with tracking reports showing the effectiveness of each e-mail campaign.
•    Which e-mails were delivered, opened or bounced
•    Who clicked on links in the e-mail
•    Which links received the most or least clicks
•    Who opted-out
•    Who forwarded email to others
•    Which campaigns received the best results

Building An Email Campaign
Clients often use our templates to create their own custom e-mail campaigns in minutes. Others prefer us to customize each campaign. In either case the process is efficient and cost effective. 

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